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Cricon International Business
3020NE 32nd Ave - Suite 104
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Phone 1 (954) 749 3161
Fax 1 (954) 749 3385

Customer Service

CRICON INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS, Inc.’s priority is to offer the best service to its customers in Latin America and the Caribbean, reflected in prompt attention to quote requests, fast processing of purchase orders, efficient shipping and the permanent availability to provide support, warranty and advisory services.

To accomplish this task, CRICON is located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA, having direct access to its manufacturers and providers within the US, Canada, Mexico, Europe and Asia. Due to the solid infrastructure of the United States, the high availability of incoming and outgoing flights to and from South Florida and the access to multiple commercial services inside and outside of the United States, product delivery and support services to its customers are done in an efficient, economical and reliable manner.

CRICON’s goal is to coordinate efforts with the manufacturers it represents to provide prompt, punctual and professional service to its customers’ requests. This is accomplished by analyzing the applicability of products and the design of the most effective solutions. CRICON strives to keep its costumers readily informed of new trends and the availability of products and services.

In the solutions integration area, CRICON has access to other products that complement the offered solutions with excellent pricing and availability for its customers. Some of these manufacturers are listed in this site.


Cricon International Business