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Cricon International Business
3020NE 32nd Ave - Suite 104
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Phone 1 (954) 749 3161
Fax 1 (954) 749 3385

Business Areas

Information Technology

Video HD Servers, Storage, Automatization, IP Networking. Converters, KVM, HDMI extensors. Intelligent Card, wireless links, insertion and sliding card readers. Terminals, WS, LED/LCD monitors. Software Management.

SATCOM, Communications, Telecommunications

Integration of SATCOM solutions, Earth Stations, Flyaway, Video and audio transport. Consulting Services, Wireless transmission.

Radio and Television

Integration of solutions for radio and television broadcasting. Production studios. Intercom, Broadcasting,  Processing, monitoring, storage, convertion and transport of audio and video digital signals. Audio and video distribution. Local and remote quality and signal consistency monitoring. Camera support and stabilization, Robotics, Virtual studio.

Cricon International Business