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Cricon International Business
3020NE 32nd Ave - Suite 104
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Phone 1 (954) 749 3161
Fax 1 (954) 749 3385

Scope of the market

The continuously evolving high-technology market affects CRICON’s business areas especially, and brings up permanent challenges to its customers. It is imperative to carefully monitor market tendencies in order to successfully implement new technologies and product developments that satisfy and exceed such challenges.

With this market vision, CRICON focuses on maintaining fluid communication with manufacturers and suppliers alike, receiving new announcements, technical recommendations and testimonials of successful applications, which allow its customers to stay competitive and effective.

To make good and effective use of this vision, CRICON continuously provides updated information to its customers, meets with them, provides them with equipment demonstrations and maintains a coordinative and cooperative agenda with the manufacturers.

Cricon International Business